Privacy Policy

This page explains the privacy policy that encompasses the user and the protection of the information provided by the user.

If you make any transactions or send e-mails that contain personal information, this information might be shared together with other public agencies in order to help improve the services provided; to make it effective and reliable. An example is in order to take action on a complaint lodged, this requires personal information to be sent to other agencies and feedback will be received from them from the personal information provided.

Information Gathered
No personal information will be collected from you when you are accessing the portal, except for personal information provided by you through e-mail.

What happens if I follow a link to another portal?
This portal does have links to other portal However, the privacy policy only applies to this portal and not any other third-party portals. Other portals besides this one might have their own privacy policy that is different from the one found on this website and users are advised to scrutinize and understand the privacy policy of each portal or website visited.

Change in Policy
If the privacy policy is changed or amended, the change will be updated in this page. By constantly surfing this page, you will be updated on how the information is gathered, how it is used, and how its shared with other parties.