First 9 Hole


This short par 4 plays from elevated tees to a fairway perched above the main lake on the right. Spectacular views will distract the golfer from the task at hand, which is simply to make the fairway, as an approach to the well-guarded green from anywhere else will be difficult. Driver is not really an option as the fairway narrows after 230m and drops between the fairway bunker and the lake.1a

The sensible play is to the centre of the fairway from where the green is easily reachable with a short iron.The green sits above a rock wall with the lake along the entire right side of the green. A large bunker lines the left side of the green, from where recovery shots will be daunting with the pond beyond. The green is quite gentle, rewarding a well-placed approach with a straightforward putt.


A straight drive is required to a narrow tree lined fairway which ends at around 270m and from here even the longest drives will have difficulty in reaching the green, which is tucked around a second bend and cannot be seen, in two. The second shot must be far enough to see the green and navigate the two large fairway bunkers at the second landing zone and turning point and leave a preferred distance to the green.

A steep slope off the left of the green must be avoided, which along with a large bunker on the right, guards the front and middle sections of the green. The upper rear right section of the green is guarded by this large bunker, and a bunker at the back of the green. Finding the correct section of the green will leave a relatively simple putt, long puts will be difficult and may have double breaks.


Along drive, preferably with a draw, will gain extra distance from the slopes on the right, though deep hollows on the left will catch any overcooked draw or hook. The longer drive will be better able to navigate the narrow fairway through the fairway bunkers, to leave a short approach to the green.A large deep bunker in front of the green must be avoided, and the large undulating green will test longer putts. A hole locations is to very difficult the front left, over the bunker and on an upper tier. A hole cut to the rear right will also be difficult to get at with steep slopes off to the back and right of the green.


A well placed drive of around 230m to the left of the fairway bunker will find an excellent view and a short to mid iron left to the green. The green is guarded by deep bunkers at the front right of the green and steep slopes off the back left and right with difficult hole locations near to these.The green is gently sloping left and right of a central ridgeline and accurate approach shots will be rewarded with a simple putt.



This medium length par 3 hits straight towards the ocean and the oncoming breeze should be accounted for in club selection, however taking extra club to reach a back hole location must be weighed up against the two deep traps waiting either side of this narrow section of the green.Playing to the much wider front half of the green is a wise choice, leaving a straight uphill putt. The front section of the green falls to either side, or missing the green on the wrong side will leave a difficult up and down.


A medium to long slightly uphill par 4 which doglegs to the left beyond a right hand side fairway bunker at 230m. A slight draw off the bunker will find a good location on this narrow fairway with forest on either side. The green is slightly elevated and little of the green is visible unless you are coming from the right side of the fairway. The front left hole location, just over the two greenside bunkers and with a steep drop off to the left will be best approached with a lofted club after a long drive.The far back section of the green narrows between the hollow on the left and mounds on the right, and slopes from right to left favouring a faded approach. Missed shots to the right will face a difficult recovery shot from a tight lie, over the mounds with the green sloping away.



A beautiful setting surrounded by forest on all sides of the green. A large deep bunker at the front guards all but the far left side of the green. Careful club selection is crucial, and a well struck shot played to keep the ball on the green. Hollows over the back will catch shots leaking over the back but too much club may find the steeper slopes and forest behind those.Some “bail out” area can be found to the left and short left of the green, but if the hole is cut on the right side a long challenging recovery will be faced, firstly uphill then downhill with the right side of the green sloping away. Tough hole locations are just over the bunker of course, with the front right section particularly hard to get at.


This hole is what handicaps are for, most players should play this long demanding par 4 as a par 5. If you have not hit your best drive to this generously wide fairway, past the bunker on the left, then a lay-up is advised to your favourite approach distance, well short of the bunker placed 20m before the green.The green is guarded by a bunker centrally at the front, and has steep slopes off to the back and along the right side which can send the ball into surrounding forest, which is close by on the left of the green also. The green is undulating, and approach shots to sections of the green other than where the hole is cut will face challenging putts. Recovery shots from off the green or from either of the bunkers will be particularly difficult.



A daunting looking fairway target area across a deep valley requires accuracy rather than distance. The fairway is narrow, with a small bunker on the right, but narrows further and drops steeply after 240m meaning longer hitters should be “laying up” with a 3 wood or hybrid for a better chance of hitting the fairway. Drives to the left may be helped back onto the fairway by the high mounds there.The small green, certainly best approached from the fairway, has three distinct hole locations, at the front left and right and the upper tier at the back. Two bunkers guard either side of the rear section, and a third deep bunker sits below the difficult front left section which slopes gently left towards a deep hollow off the edge of the green. The front right is more approachable, with “bail-out” areas to the right.